The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Exhibit


If you like the Egyptians and want to learn more about them, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is just the right place for you! They have a tremendous Egyptian exhibit now. Don’t sit there considering if you should go see it! Just do it!

I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I mostly saw the Egyptian exhibit. Oh boy, did I love it! I learned a lot about it.

They even have their own pyramid! Egyptians were going to build a dam over the pyramid and water would have demolished it. The Egyptians had so many pyramids that they didn’t care if it was crushed into a oblivion, but, to the Americans, the pyramid was precious.

So the U.S. asked permission to take the pyramid. That made it easier to build the dam, so the U.S. was able to take the pyramid and place it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s more to see in the exhibit but I’ll leave it here!

If you’re a history person, go check it out. I hope you enjoy it!