A Squid and Fish


On the last day of my winter break from school I went to the Center for Science Teaching and Learning in Rockville Center again. If you don’t know what CSTL is, look for the article I wrote about it in December.

This time, I dissected a squid and a fish. I had rubber gloves on and used a scissor for the incisions.

My cousin and I dissected the squid together first. It was only a squid head and tentacle. However, it doesn’t look like what you probably think it looks like. The head was white, and the tentacle was pink and stringy. I think that they probably took its skin off and gave us the inside.

Then for the big guy, the fish! This time it was the whole thing. We didn’t find anything but an eye bead when we poked out the eye and ripped it open.

We also took some scales off and tried to get through the skull and to the brain. This is a cool thing to do if you like getting nauseated, but you’ll have to wait until fall because that’s when they start CSTL up again!