The Girl Who Drank The Moon

 The Girl Who Drank The Moon,” by Kelly Barnhill, is a spellbinding book that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is a powerful world of paper birds and life-changing magic springing from the moon. The magic from the moon is the strongest power possible.  Not only does the story show compassion and hope, it shows unconditional love.

The reader of this book will be pulled into the story and enchanted by this bewitching tale. At different periods of the story, you’ll experience worry, hope, joy, and belief in the characters. Look for this book to become a classic some day.

Part of the magic captures you by the plot itself. A well-known witch in the town of Protectorate, named Xan, annually takes the baby that is left out for her every year. She nourishes the baby with her powers and finds it a new family, but this year there was a twist.

When she took the baby it was a full moon. A full moon is incredibly powerful.

Instead of feeding the baby the stars, she accidentally feeds her the moon.

Xan fears what will happen to the baby. What powers could she have gotten? Could she have inherited Xan’s powers?

Xan realizes that to keep this baby safe, she must raise her herself. She names her Luna.

Meanwhile the town had a misunderstanding of Xan. They think she is stealing the babies every year, whereas she is just trying to help them.

The town is angry and scared. Will she be alright?

Every character has an important role to play. Without each character, the story would not be as good. While Luna and Xan have a very complicated life, the one thing that they always will have is unconditional love for each other.

This fantastic tale is a great book to read for a variety of readers and is recommended to anyone who loves fiction or fantasy novels, probably best suited for those from the age of ten to fifteen.

If you like a magical story with bewitching aspects, then you will fall in love with this book. Luna is a girl easy to relate to, which makes the book even better. If you haven’t heard, it won the 2017 Newbery Award! I would give it four and a half stars. You should definitely read The Girl Who Drank The Moon!