Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

“Where the Mountain Meets the Moon”, by Grace Lin, is a wonderful book that takes place in a small, poor town in China called Fruitless Mountain.  

All the villagers were tired of rain. Jade Dragon, who rules all of the clouds, became so mad at their complaints that he stopped the rain so that the villagers would understand the consequences!

The fruit rotted, the flowers died, the clouds disappeared. The town was poor and fruitless, and that’s why they call it the Fruitless Mountain.

The main character’s name is Minli. She is a kind girl who can’t stop helping.  Ma and Ba are Minli’s parents. They would try to do anything for Minli.  

Minli, Ma and Ba all live in a small hut on Fruitless Mountain. Dragon is a dragon who can’t fly. An artist painted him on the ground, not flying, and he came to life that way.

Lastly, The Old Man of The Moon has the book of fortune, which is where the story begins.

Readers will get pulled into the plot of the story just like I did.

It all begins at Minli’s house. There is a man selling goldfish, known as The Goldfish Man, who says the goldfish bring good luck. Minli of course wants one to help her family. The problem is that the goldfish costs a gold coin which is a lot, and it means another mouth to feed. Ma and Ba were mad.

At dinner when Ba tells Minli about the Old Man of The Moon, Minli wants to change their  family’s fortune. The Old Man of The Moon lives on the Never Ending Mountain! That is a long time away. Minli leaves early in the morning, and leaves behind a note.

Will Minli even survive? Will she reach The Old Man of the Moon? Will she ever see her parents again? All Minli wants is an easier life for her family, but she also uses her urge to help others throughout the book.  

“Where The Mountain Meets The Moon” was a fantastic book! I would recommend it to anyone who likes fiction, fantasy, or realistic-fiction. It is best suited to read this book if you’re from the age of eight to twelve. Many readers will love how detailed it is, and how all ties together  in the end.

Also, readers will be interested by the Chinese myths Ba tells. I would give this book four stars! This is a touching book, and you should totally read it!