“Foxheart” by Claire  Legrand was a really good book. One night when Girl, the witch, was 3 years old, her parents left her on the doorstep of Saint Martta’s Convent of the White Wolf. She had a flat upturned nose and a head of red and grey hair. She had a name but she didn’t want to tell anyone.

Now Girl is 12 and she has found a dog. The dog was yellow with a torn ear. They become partners in crime. Girl decides that she will call herself Quicksilver.

One night Quicksilver and her dog, Fox, sneak into a house. They meet a boy named Sly Boots. He has hair the color of tallow and shadows beneath his eyes. Since Sly Boots’ parents were ill, Quicksilver agreed to help get (steal) medicine for them.

Then they meet an old woman. She has eyes as violet as the near moon and when she smiles, it reveals her black and yellow crooked teeth. She also has a dog like Quicksilver’s. She reveals Quicksilver’s real name, which is Anastazia.

Then, she takes them to the past. There she explained how it is up to them to stop the Wolf King from killing all witches.

Do you think Sly Boots, Fox, Quicksilver, and the old woman can complete this important quest? Read the book to find out!

I would recommend this book to boys and girl ages 10+ because the vocabulary the author used may be too difficult to say or understand for some younger readers.