Star Trek: Beyond


Sulu! Time Warp us outta here!”  This is one of the lines from the movie “Star Trek: Beyond” produced by J. J. Abrams, the third in the series.

It starts out with the crew of the USS Enterprise stopping at Yorktown, a massive space station, to resupply and get back on their mission. Their mission is to explore different places in the galaxy.

Then an escape pod that is drifting in space comes and the crew is sent on a rescue mission. They are going into an uncharted part of the nebula, a cloud of matter in space.

While there, they have to go on a planet within the nebula. They then encounter Krall, an alien whose species is unknown when he attacks them. Krall wants an object that Captain Kirk had obtained.

Krall’s mission is unsuccessful. Once on the planet, the survivors of Krall’s attack have been split up and must find each other. Krall had captured most of them because they trusted the wrong person. Now that they were on Krall’s ship they had to escape.

On another part of the planet, Spock and Dr. McCoy are looking for other survivors.

Do they find their missing crewmembers? Do they find out who Krall really is? Do they defeat Krall? Watch the movie to find out!

I would recommend that kids 11 and 12  watch this with their families because there are some scary parts, but people older than 12 would enjoy this movie as well.