Beauty and the Beast – the movie


The new version of Beauty and the Beast is a great movie for children. It is even better than the cartoon version because it gives more detail about this amazing story and it also makes it look so much more real with real actors.

One of my thoughts on this movie is that there is a very good theme in this story. The theme of the story is that you can’t judge somebody by their looks. That is the theme because the Beast in the story did not like any looks of a girl and the fairy knew he would not have any love life because he judged people by  their looks, so the fairy put a spell on the beast, the castle and everything in it. The spell was that the whole palace became dark and exhausted.The worst part of it was that the fairy turned him from a prince which that was what he was, to a beast.

The fairy did that because, since the beast didn’t like the looks of any girls, she made him look bad to teach him that it’s not the outside that matters it’s the inside, and he is actually a nice guy.So it showed him that people can still like him even though he looks bad and he doesn’t have to be all upset and mad because of what he looks like.

The spell made the Beast very grumpy and miserable. Meanwhile in a village far away from the Beast’s castle there was a very sweet villager named Belle. Belle lived in a not so fortunate village with her father.

At one point with Belle and her father, her father had to leave the village for a little bit, so Belle would be left alone without her father. Meanwhile her father was out on his merry way. A little while out it became cold and like a blizzard, he and his horse couldn’t take it any more. That’s when he ran into a big castle, so he decided to stop in and see if anyone was home so he could get warm and have a bite to eat.

Belle’s father ended up locked up in the beast’s palace, so Belle came looking for him. The rose is a very important symbol in the story because when the queen put the spell on the palace she put a rose in  a case. She said that the Beast has until the last petal falls off the rose, to find a love, otherwise the spell would be locked forever.

Another thought I have on this book is all of the songs in the movie were very good and really reached deep inside. The actors did a really good job singing the songs. I had another opinion that, with all the talking and moving objects they really made it look real and like they’re actually talking.

I would give this movie a 4 star rating because it wasn’t the best movie ever but I would see it again. I would say for ages 5-14 to definitely go see it . I think for some kids less than 5 it could be a little to dramatic for them. If you like Disney princesses and you liked the sound of this movie from this review, I would definitely go see the new version of Beauty and the Beast!