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The best lunch story


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I think we can make the school cafeteria more like home buy talking about how people’s days were so far and what they’re going to do later. I think that we should make the noise level quieter I think we can still talk but lower the noise level. Similarity’s from home to school we eat lunch with are friends just like eating dinner with are family’s. We also can’t have our phones out in lunch and I can’t have my phone out when I am eating dinner with my family. I think we can talk less about drama and communicating with each other is good so we get to learn more about each other. I also think that we should have nine chairs at the lunch tables because lots of my friends ask me if they can sit with me but then I have to tell them no. I think we can get up if we can go and grab something but then the security grads tell use to sit down when we were trying to get something. I think with all the details I gave I think that we can make eating lunch at the cafeteria better.   

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Adriana Fedele, Contributor

Adriana Fedele, Contributor, Western New York

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  1. Lonnie Creech on May 22nd, 2017 1:13 pm

    I agree with the noise level being a little bit quieter but not with asking how their day was right away because the person might have been thinking of what they were going to say to a person and by asking them how their day was might throw them off track and they might forget the thing or question they were going to ask the other person.

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The best lunch story