You could win $100 – and a bonus $100 for your school!!


There’s still time to read this year’s serial story, The Path to Freedom, written by the YVNY editor, Mike Peterson and illustrated by Christopher Baldwin and then enter the quiz/essay contest for a chance to win $100.  Up to 6 regional winners will be selected from all entries received by Wednesday, May 24.

Seneca Fall to Polling Booth LogoThe questions are based on the story and the essay can be short but needs to respond to the question:

In the story, The Path to Freedom, you learned how young teenagers, Luke and Sylvie, were doing the type of work adults did to help both their own family and the cause they believed in.  Look through newspapers and other sources for modern examples of young people working for their families or for things they believe in. Compare and contrast one modern example with the work of Sylvie or Luke.

To enter, each student (grades 4th-8th) can go online and complete the student quiz/essay found at

Contestants may go back and change answers until they hit the final submission button.  There is no time limit. However, Constant Contact or internet connection issues may disrupt your submission. The first complete attempt is the one that will be considered for submission to the contest.

The essay must be no more than 150 words (or 1000 characters) long. Students are expected to use proper English. Spelling and punctuation count. Use of texting shorthand or emoticons will result in an automatic disqualification. It is recommended for contestants to type their essay first into a word processing program and paste it into the essay portion of this quiz to avoid a technical glitch from wiping out their work. If completing the quiz/essay on paper, the essay may be typed into a computer, printed out or neatly hand written and attached to the paper quiz.

The chapter questions are worth a total of 40 points, the essay is worth 60 points.  For more information including a judging rubric, a hard copy of the chapter questions and how to enter by mail go online to

Good luck!

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