A Poetical Dog Meets a Poetical Book

A Poetical Dog Meets a Poetical Book

“The Poet’s Dog,” by Patricia MacLachlan, is a fantastic book about an Irish wolfhound named Teddy, whose words are only heard by poets and children.

His words find kids Nickel and Flora, two siblings who were trapped by a snowstorm’s breathy chill, and he brought them back to Teddy’s cabin. Except, Teddy’s owner wasn’t there.

Nickel and Flora can hear Teddy’s words just as much as Teddy can. He is extremely unique, for no other dog can speak poetical words as he can.

Teddy’s owner, Sylvan, is a poet teacher who educates beginner poets to use magical words that lift readers off their feet, or astounding phrases that may have the reader longing for their pillow. Ellie is one of those students.

Nickel, Flora, and Teddy have to survive on the supplies left in Teddy’s cabin, such as food, heat, and water. Flora is an amazing cook who uses odd ingredients, Nickel is a great fire-starter, and Teddy comforts both Nickel, Flora, and himself in times of yearning for Sylvan.

The last time Teddy saw Sylvan, he told Teddy “Find the two jewels.” But what could that mean?

During the middle of the book, it was suspenseful, for Nickel, Flora, and Teddy become frightened of their possible future together. Will someone find them? Can they be saved? How will they survive the snow’s grasp?

You might have heard the name Patricia MacLachlan before. This is because she wrote “Sarah Plain and Tall,” “Grandfather’s Dance,” “Skylark,” “Edward’s Eyes,” and “More Perfect Than the Moon,” and this list includes many more.

I loved the book, just as much as I loved all of Patricia MacLachan’s other whimsical books. The only complaint I have, is that this book should be longer, for it’s only 88 pages! The ending is very well executed, though further details by the middle and longer chapters would compliment the book more accurately, and solve that problem.