Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners- What’s your opinion?

Fidget spinners have become the new “need.” Kids are pulling their parents from Wegmans to Target to Walmart just to get a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners were originally made to help kids who have a hard time focusing. Fidget spinners also help the need to be constantly shaking your legs and constantly moving your arms. But, fidget spinners are used improperly.

Fidget Spinners Banned

Some kids are using the fidget spinners improperly. Whether it’s being thrown up in the air or spun on a desk- kids are always watching them. Now, we’re usually more focused on the spinners than the teacher! Teachers are not liking it. Most schools have already gotten the courage to ban them. But some still are on the edge about it. Yet, some kids are still bringing them to classes even if they don’t really need it.

My Opinion

In my personal opinion fidget spinners are stress relievers. Sometimes they just help me stop fidgeting. They also help me focus a lot more. But, kids are abusing the purpose of the spinners. Now, I think they do deserve a ban. To all the kids who use the fidget spinners properly, I’m sorry if it has been band at your school. Although, they are cool to try to balance on one finger.


In conclusion, I think all schools deserve to draw the line about having a ban on fidget spinners because kids are misusing them.

This is a picture of a fidget spinner.
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