“Hamstersaurus Rex”

“Vs Squirrel Kong”

“Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong,” by Tom O’Donnell & Tim Miller, was great. It’s about a kid named Sam Gibbs. He was the hamster monitor in training.

Sam takes Hamstersaurus Rex out of his cage to continue working on his first feature film, “Chinchillazilla Vs. MechaChinchillazilla.” He was in the middle of filming a scene when he heard something. It was a big… squirrel?

But it was no joke. A twelve foot, tall squirrel was running toward him and Hammie Rex.

Later, the next day at school, the place was wrecked. Everyone blamed it on Hamstersaurus Rex because he wasn’t in his cage since Sam hadn’t put him back. However, Sam knew it was Squirrel Kong, but he will just have to prove it.

This book was extraordinary, at least to me! I would recommend this book to ages 7-14. Finally, after reading this book, I want a hamster.