Woman as Gamers!


Do you like games? Video Games specifically. Yes? A bit? Well let’s pretend you are a hardcore gamer. When you’re trying to find video games you go down the boys aisle of Target because the people who put them there think boys will enjoy them more than girls.

Well, that’s not true! Forty-eight percent of gamers are Women! Hmmmmmm!

Since the games are down the boys aisle people think that video games are for boys. That’s just sexist!

Girls just don’t converse about it as much as boys do. When video games started coming out for kids on DVD, a lot of the games were about “Destruction,” which people thought boys liked. But girls also took interest in that, not just boys.

Some colleges are considering if video games should be considered a sport. Do you think we should make video games a sport? Tell me in the comments! <:3