Hello Universe

“Hello Universe” is an outstanding story by Erin Entrada Kelly. The main character, Virgil Salinas is often bullied. His only companions are his grandmother Lola, his hamster Gulliver, and his physic, Kaori Tanaka.

One day Virgil has an appointment with Kaori and he talks about his crush, Valencia Somerset. Kaori says that they are a perfect match. They both have the same initials, “V.S.”

Kaori tells Virgil that he needs to get five stones in order for Valencia to notice him. When Virgil goes into the woods to find the stones he runs into the school bully Chet the Bull Bullens. Chet starts to bully Virgil. Then Chet throws Virgil’s backpack into a well.

Virgil’s hamster was in his backpack, so he climbs into the well to go get his backpack. Next Virgil gets stuck in the well.

Will he survive? Will someone find him?

I would recommend this book for 9-13 year olds.