Fun at the Rochester Lilac Festival

Fun at the Rochester Lilac Festival


One of Rochester’s most fun festivals is the Lilac festival, which occurs every year in May! The Lilac festival is a festival that showcases A bunch of lilac bushes that are in a park called Highland Park! It is amazing to see so many lilacs in person. There are 1200 lilac bushes in Highland Park! So if you go to the Lilac Festival, you will see a bunch of things to do. One of the things that children would love is the big Oak tree on your hike surrounded by all the lilacs. The big Oak tree is a big, enormous, old tree with low branches, so kids can climb on it. When you go under the tree, the branches lean down so low it feels like there’s a huge umbrella over you! When I go to the Lilac Festival this is what I look forward to climbing on!

Another cool attraction during this festival is a hike through the lilacs and woods to our local reservoir, where many residents in Rochester get their water.  You walk up a trail and a little hill while enjoying the scenery of the beautiful lilacs and gentle fields and woods. It is a great walk during the Lilac Festival. If you go to the festival you really need to hike that because that’s one of the main reasons people go.

There is also a vendor fair at the Lilac Festival as well, it’s not just the hike and looking at lilacs. The festival spreads a long way down the streets, so you can walk up and down the streets looking at what to do. There is a lot of  things to do during the festival like shop. They have lots of shopping vendors spread out through the festival area that you can buy things at. Some of the things you can buy are, jewelry, decorations, accessories and more! What you can do is if you see something somebody else would like you can give it to them for Christmas.

They also have activities for kids to do sometimes. One year there was a race where kids ran up about 3 miles, then once they were up there they stuffed their faces with donuts and ran all the way back, then the first person to reach the finish line wins.

Sometimes they have music playing and live bands there too. The Lilac Festival is a great way to spend time with your family. You can go and make a whole fun day out of it, everybody will love it! You can look at beautiful lilacs while stuffing your face with delicious food from the vendors!  I recommend this festival for any age because any kid would have fun playing on the big tree and playing around the festival! And any adult would love looking at the beautiful lilacs and the local reservoir! Your whole family would love everything! So next time you have a free day and the Lilac Festival is going on, ask your parents if you can go to the Lilac Festival, because I promise you, you will love it!

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