Fun at Beaver Camp


Dawn Sweredoski

These are canoes and kayaks you can go on at Beaver Camp.

Beaver Camp is a Christian camp.  It is located outside of Lowville in the Adirondacks. You can go there in the summer and winter. I have been to Beaver Camp three years in a row. My first time I went to camp I was seven, and that is the youngest you can be to go there. My first and second time I went to camp I went for the short resident and it was three days and two nights. My third year, which is this year, I went for one week. Beaver Camp is so much fun that I wanted to spend more time there having fun with friends.

Some of the fun things you can do there are playing games, swimming, boating, cookouts, campouts, the challenge course, and fireside. You go to a field and play games with one or two cabins. I got to go on sailboats, kayaks, and canoes. There are other boats you can go on too. You can go swimming two or three times a day. For cookouts campers give the cooks a break, and the counselors help us make hot dogs and smores. For a camp out this year I got popcorn before we went to bed outdoors. Then I got in my sleeping bag and went to sleep. In the morning we all had pancakes cooked outdoors over a fire. Other nights we sleep in our cabin not outdoors. This year I slept in Hickory. The challenge course is a bunch of rope courses and wires. We get to climb a tree to get to a wire to climb across or step on something to get across to the other side without stepping on the wrong square. Fireside is where you bring your Bible and there is a pastor and he talks about Jesus and the Bible. You also sing songs at fireside and watch a skit.

There are different cabins at Camp. This year I stayed on the water at Hickory. Other years I stayed in Juniper my first year and Spruce my second year. In every cabin there is a counselor. In the cabins there are bunk beds that you sleep in. I like to sleep in a top bunk. I also like Snack Shop. You get two snacks two times a day. My favorite snack was an oatmeal cream pie and a Popsicle. In the morning before breakfast, at 7:00 am, there is Roadrunners where you go up to the ball field and play a bunch of different games. Polar Bears is where you go to the water and play a bunch of different games in the water. Polar Bears is at 7:30. Then afterwards you go to breakfast. This year I did both. If you do both you get a wristband for each one you do. I got a Roadrunners wristband because you have to do it at least three days. You do night games too.


Dawn Sweredoski
These are canoes and kayaks you can go on at Beaver Camp. This is me in the red shirt and my family.

The week I went it was nice weather. I don’t have a favorite thing to do at camp because I like all of it. So, if you want to have fun go to Beaver Camp. For more information go to their website.