Mrs. Master is a Disaster! by Dan Gutman

Read this book for a good laugh! Great book.

Read this book for a good laugh! Great book.

“Mrs. Master is a Disaster!” by Dan Gutman sounds like the book might be a disaster but it is a great book. This book is number eight in a series about “My Weirdest School.”

It is about a whole class that wants to try to make a lot of money. They just want to be billionaires. So, they create a toilet seat, called the Party Pooper, that can talk, glow in the dark, smell nice, and it is heated.

Mrs. Master is the Grandma of one of the kids in the class. She encourages the class to start their own company, and they start one called Party Pooper!

When the class goes around and starts selling them nobody wanted to buy them. They sell them for $99.99 because $100.00 sounds like too much and $99.99 sounds like it is not even close to one hundred.

But they find a solution, and both the solution and the book are very funny!

There are only 10 chapters and once you start reading the book you don’t want to stop reading it unless you have to go somewhere or do something.