President Chester A. Arthur’s Gravesite

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Dawn Sweredoski
My sister and me doing grave rubbings.

Dawn Sweredoski
Me at his grave.

President Chester Arthur’s grave is in the Albany Rural Cemetery, Colonie. His wife and son are buried there, too. President Arthur was the 21st President. I wanted to visit his grave because I like learning about presidents.

On his grave you will see the Presidential Seal. There are rocks, stones and coins. Visitors put them there. There are words on his grave that tell about him. An American flag is next to his grave. If you go there you can do grave rubbings. A grave rubbing is where you take a piece of paper and a black crayon and you rub the black crayon against the paper to make a picture of what is under the paper.

There is a statue of an angel next to his grave. If you visit the cemetery you can also see a lot of other unique monuments. You can almost spend a whole day there looking around.