Adventures in Hawaii

Adventures in Hawaii

To start off the summer this year I went to Maui   Hawaii! In Hawaii we went on many adventures and saw some amazing things!

And now I’m going to tell you some things about my awesome trip to Hawaii, because I think that even if not everybody can actually go and see Hawaii in person, everybody should at least know how fun it is, what it looks like, and some things about it, so they feel like they are there.

One of things, we did a many of times and that’s going to the beach. We were in Hawaii so of course we had to go to the beach and enjoy the heat, sunlight, sand and of course the beautiful ocean. What we did, is we went to a bunch of different beaches throughout the vacation! By the end of the vacation we said that we went to all the beaches in Maui because we went to one almost every day and it was so much fun exploring seeing seeing, and relaxing at the beaches. We had a blast at every single beach because we just relaxed and did what we want and just had fun in Maui! I would say that going to a bunch of different beaches is the way to go in Maui, so if you go to Maui now you know one thing that you might want to do!

One of the favorite things I did is take surfing lessons! I took them off a beach in a a town cute little town called Lahaina! So what we did first is we all got our boards and put them in the sand and he showed us the stance for surfing and how to get up and down on the board also he taught us how to maneuver with the board. Once we got into the crystal blue water we all paddled on the board to a boogie where we waited while the other students went. In the space where they did the lessons there was a bunch of other lessons going on so I was a little worried that I was going to hit someone or the someone was going to hit me.But once I got used to it I was fine and didn’t mind all the people.The thing about the lessons that they do that I took one lesson from is that the teachers are nice, also they are really good at teaching it and they critique you, but they were so good because they told you when to paddle and get up and they taught you well how to do it and the at that spot the waves  were perfect and easy to learn in. on my first try getting up in the water surfing I got up right away and stood up there riding the waves! I got up and stood many times throughout the lesson but sometimes I failed or fell off, but I came out doing pretty well and not failing to much and most importantly I came out knowing how to surf! Just a heads up if you ever want to try surfing be sure to wear a rash guard which they provided for me and make sure it doesn’t come up because mine did and I got a rash on my stomach and on my thighs, but I still think you should try it because it is a blast and it’s a great thing to know how to do!


Another fun thing we did in Maui is we did a lot of snorkeling, which I didn’t mind doing it so much because I love to snorkel and snorkeling in Hawaii made me love it even more! One of the things we did that involved snorkeling is a snorkeling trip to another island called Lanai pronounced with an  ee sound at the end. So the catamaran picked us up in Maui and it cruised over to Lanai where they own a bunch of beach land, so they had a bunch of snorkeling gear set up and the extremely caring and nice boat attendants and workers throughout the day helped me find gear and a flotation device.Then e got in a van and they took us on a tour of the island along with the some other people on the snorkeling trip. Also while snorkeling they gave us potato chips and cookies that they put on a table on the long spot of beach they owned along with many other stuff they owned like a nature trail on the beach, some tide pools and much more! We just snorkeled but I would have loved to do the other fun things! We did the island tour so we didn’t have time for the other fun things, but that was also terrific and still worth it! The little town up on the top of the island was so cute! Only 3,000 people live there we learned! If you go to Hawaii I think you should definitely go to Lanai it was so amazing!

This review only told about some of the stuff we did in Maui, Hawaii but we did much MUCH more! And it was really an amazing trip, feeling and experience that I think everybody should feel and know so I really hope that I made you feel like you were there from this review for at least a little while. I can’t tell you enough good about Hawaii because it was a spectacular trip!!


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