Review of Hero Hurricane Rescue

Review of Hero Hurricane Rescue

“Hero Hurricane Rescue,” by Jennifer Li Shotz, is a very sad, breathtaking and adventurous book.

If you like to read about friendship adventures and how dogs can help humans in many different ways, then this is definitely the book for you. This book reaches deep into the heart and takes you through a series of adventures about compassionate friendship and trust.

It is so heartwarming and exciting at the same time that at one moment you’re sad or heart-warmed about what just happened in the book and the next moment you’re all piped up about the excitement that just happened in the book.

The story is based on friends Jack, Noah and Ben. They are very close friends who are willing to help and trust each other no matter what happens.

Jack is a young boy whose parents are divorced and who sees his dad less than he wants to. He has a dog named Scout whom he loves dearly.

Then there is Ben, who is also an only child. His dad is a police officer. Ben has a dog named Hero who is his pride and soul. He loves him so much that he practically takes him everywhere he went and trusts in him very deeply. Hero can pretty much understand what Ben is saying and does the task immediately.

Scout and Hero are friends too and they like to play.

Jack really wants to see his father and was going to see him in a few weeks anyway, but he wants to see him right then and there.

His friends try to talk him out of going to his dad’s house alone, since it’s very far away. But when they hear about a hurricane that is happening, they are even more worried.

They set off to find him in the woods using Hero like a detective to help, and they go through a series of adventuresmeeting terrified and desperate people whom they help along the way.

You’ll see a big difference from the beginning to the end of the book on how much stronger, prouder and confident they are.

The only bad thing about this book to me is at the beginning there’s not as much adventure. The beginning isn’t bad, but it’s just not as good as later when the real adventure starts. Be patient and wait for it to come and just enjoy the beginning.

This adventurous and breathtaking book is also heart touching. With a theme of trusting and believing in yourself, the author did a great job.

I think that this book is for ages 8-12 because for kids under 8 it might be too harsh for them, but it’s a kids book so nobody over 12 would want to read this.

“Hero Hurricane Rescue” is a book I didn’t think I would like, but I loved It, so maybe if it doesn’t sound good to you, now you’ll really like it!

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