The Supernormal Sleuthing Service

The Lost Legacy


The “Supernormal Sleuthing Service, The Lost Legacy” is a 405-page book by Gwenda Bond and Christopher Rowe. I love long books, so that was just a privilege to me.

Stephen, the main character, is originally from Chicago.  He has moved to New York so his father can take over his grandmother’s job, since she has passed away.

His dad will now be the chef at an exclusive hotel called The New Harmonia.  The hotel is inhabited by monsters who like to be called supernormals.

Stephen is accused of throwing his grandmother’s old cookbook into a gate (a portal) to another area. However, they do not know which one, so before Baroness Thyme does something bad to them, they have to get the book back. If they don’t, Stephen’s dad will lose his job.

While others are pressuring them to stay put because it’s dangerous, it doesn’t affect what they do, but when they start getting grounded and other punishments that puts a bump in the road. However, Stephen’s guilt is getting larger and he must go and retrieve the book. Also, they meet many monsters, and must stay on their good side or else…

This book is filled with thrills, suspense, and surprises! I liked the book when it had gotten farther along in the story. I thought the beginning was way too long, but I guess it helped explain the main events.

This is a mystery and mythological book all together. Even if it doesn’t have the exact Bigfoots (not Bigfeet) or dragons you think of, it still is very entertaining to find a new creature!

I recommend this book to 9-14 year olds, and anyone who likes a nice long read!