Don’t Shop! Adopt!

Don't Shop! Adopt!

Do you love animals? Would you love to have a pet of your own? Do not go to a pet store to buy a pet. Go to a shelter.

Pet stores and pet shelters may seem like just a place to buy a dog. But they are more than that. When you buy a dog from a store, you are supporting puppy mills.

Puppy mills are cruel places that breed dogs. The puppies are sold to pet stores. There are too many unwanted dogs, but people are constantly breeding more of them.  Don’t shop. Adopt.

Pet shelters are opposite. They find animals people can either no longer take care of or animals people have abandoned. Shelters are places that love the animals they take care of.

Shelters take animals of all ages, and, unlike puppy mills, they take care of the animals properly. Make the right choice.

If you want to go to a shelter, I know one that is perfect: Bobbi and the Strays is a dog and cat shelter. You can volunteer, donate, or participate in one of their fundraisers.

You can do many things to volunteer. You can clean the dogs’ cages, walk the dogs, or even read books to the cats. To find out more, visit

Please, don’t shop. Adopt!