Confidentially Yours

Vanessa's Design Dilemma

 “Confidentially Yours Vanessa’s Design Dilemma” is an extremely intriguing book by Jo Whittemore about two middle school students, Katie Kestler and Vanessa Jackson, who come up with their own fashion company, KV Fashions.

Katie and Vanessa plan to host a fashion show at school to display their fashion designs.

One day Katie receives an important call telling KV Fashions that a buyer at a local boutique, Lazenby’s will be attending their fashion show. The buyer is coming to see if she likes the designs, and to determine whether or not their designs are worthy of being displayed at the boutique.

 Suddenly Vanessa runs into a predicament. Vanessa runs an advice column for the middle school paper. An unnamed person seeks advice on his/her hair and he/she goes by the name Wigging Out. The column is posted in the hallways of the school.

Some students have been trying to guess who the student is. One student suggested the the unnamed person under the name of Wigging Out is Katie, the co-designer of KV Fashions and some of Vanessa’s other friends are accused of being the unnamed person.

Vanessa wants to catch who has been doing this but she has other things to worry about. Vanessa needs to worry about pricing for the fashion show and impressing the Lazenby’s buyer. 

“Confidentially Yours Vanessa’s Design Dilemma” was a really fun book.  I recommend this book for ages 8-12. I chose this age group because I feel the storyline would be intriguing for elementary and middle school students. The story even takes place at a middle school.