The Queens Zoo


During the Rosh Hashanah holiday break this fall, I went to the Queens Zoo.

When I was there I saw lots of cool animals. One exhibit was the Andean bear. It was very energetic with its playmate! There was a little waterfall and a little boat and boy can they jump! Sadly, this is the last bear of its kind (short faced bear).

Another exhibit was the bird aviary. There were so many different kinds and colors of birds! They were chirping so loud it sounded like they were arguing. One flew right past my ear.

Another cool exhibit I saw was the Roosevelt Elk. The antlers on those animals are HUGE! At one point they were so close that I could touch them.

Also, near a lot of the exhibits there were giant Orb Weaver Spiders.

One thing I loved was the seal lion exhibit. They were so swift when they swam around.

When I was there I also saw the wildcat exhibit. The wildcat was sleeping in one of the dark spots in the exhibit.

There was a mini exhibit for Burrowing Owls. Those owls have an intimidating stare. They also can twist their neck 270 degrees!

There also was a petting zoo with goats and sheep. The goats always wanted your food. There was a llama there and it spit and bit someone.

Boys and girls of all ages would love this park. Overall, I recommend going to the Queens Zoo it is a very fun place.

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