Winter Con!

Winter Con!

On Sunday, December 2, I went to Winter Con in the Resorts World Casino in Queens, with my brother and my uncle. I was surprised when I reached there. There were a lot of booths with comic books and toys for sale,  some of these were rare, old collectibles . They also had stands for  people who wrote comic books.

We saw people dressed up as Superheroes and villains, like Superman and stormtroopers. Also, Superhero Legos were for sale. Then we bought comics.

There were people selling paintings with famous TV characters, video games and clothing with pictures of famous characters like Chucky and Spiderman.

Little kids were taking pictures with people dressed up like Luke Skywalker. It was a blast but I would recommend it for comic fans 7 and up because kids who are younger than 7 may not understand what a comic con is about.


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