Mutant Bunny Island

Mutant Bunny Island

“Mutant Bunny Island,” by Obert Skye and illustrated by Edward Vieira is a very interesting book that will have you laughing from Chapter 1 to the end.

Perry Owens is a ten-year old boy who does not like adventure or getting out of his room in Ohio. He’d prefer watching his computer or reading “Ocean Blasterzoids,” a comic book series.

One day he receives a troubling message from his uncle Zeke, his favorite person in the whole world.

As Perry decides to leave the comfort zone, he smuggles as many snacks as possible. When he arrives in Bunny Island, the place of his uncle’s home, he finds out something mysterious – and adorable.

I would recommend this book for ages 6-12 because there is mild language in this book. If you don’t mind, then you should also read it. When I read it, I really liked it. So I suggest you get your furry, little, bunny paws on a copy!