Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

Diego and  the Rangers of the Vastlantic

“Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of Vastlantic,” by Armand Baltazar is a really fun book about a boy named Diego. The book takes place in the 23rd century.

In the beginning of the story Diego keeps having the same dream in which City Hall collapses.

When he wakes up, he looks at the pictures on his walls and then outside and Diego sees that everything is normal. He hurries downstairs to see his mom.

She reminds him to meet his father, Santiago, after school at the power plant. So when school is over he goes to the power plant and sees his father there.

But  the power plant is attacked! When the invaders come in they fight the guards and win, and when try to get further inside.

Diego’s father tells him to hide. The invaders come in and capture Santiago and some other engineers. 

If you want to find out if they save Santiago read the book to find out. This was a “great” book that I would definitely want a sequel to.

As you get deeper into the story, it becomes very interesting. If you like adventure books, you will love “Diego and the Rangers of Vastlantic.”

I would recommend this book for all children ages 9-12. I wouldn’t recommend the book for younger children because of the fight scenes in the book.