Visiting Mystic, Connecticut

Seaport and Aquarium


This summer, I traveled to Mystic, an area in Connecticut. In Mystic, I went to Mystic Seaport and Aquarium with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and three cousins.

First, we visited the seaport. We went to a little rooms with facts and a tour guide. There were a couple of houses that explained things about ships and other facts.

The seaport is humongous! We walked so much, saw so many ships, and visited areas to learn more facts about ships. We actually went onto an old ship and got to see all of the rooms and details of the ship.

I really liked a lot of the buildings, but I was getting cranky because my legs were killing me and I was super hungry. Eventually, we went to activities like stilt walking and boat building, and we all were able to raise a sail as we sang a song!

I enjoyed the library where they explained the travel book case.

Then we found the big ship building and repairing area. There was a large room (I’d say about forty-five to fifty-five feet long) where they made ropes and straightened them out. Then in the ship creating area, we had to stand on a balcony about fifteen feet high so that we would stay away from the ships and parts.

After that, we went to a restaurant, and began the food eating portion of our trip.  After some great dining and resting, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the gift shop! Some items were books, seashells, plushies, and replicas of ships.

Finally, we went to a little simple machine room which demonstrated how simple machines are made and explained what they are used for on the ships.

Now… the famous Mystic Aquarium! We already had tickets so we went right inside.

Right away, we went to pet the stingrays. Surprisingly, they weren’t aggressive. Then we peeked at the beluga whales.

After that, we visited a building that held all the tanked animals. These included colorful seahorses, fantastic fish, cool crabs, and an outstanding octopus!

Outside, it got a little buggy, but there weren’t a lot of mosquitoes. We saw frogs and ducks along the path, but when we got to the end of the path- get ready for it- penguins! There was a rest and viewing area down below where you could see the water, and there were these little tubes that kids could go into and get a closer look.

When we went back, we checked out the belugas again. Have you ever seen the video with the whale spooking the little kids? Well, if you have, we saw it in person, getting up close and showing off.  The beluga’s friend even tried getting in on the action.

This trip is for any person, any age, any height, and any weight.  This is a trip for the whole family. Sure it may be a long trip, but there are rest stops, and who doesn’t love a good old fashioned road trip!

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