The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Art Exhibit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Art Exhibit

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a great place for families to bond together. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art there is pretty much something for everyone but, my favorite art exhibit is the Egyptian Art exhibit.

At the Egyptian Art exhibit there were sculptures, paintings, pieces of stone with hieroglyphics on them, and a huge pyramid! The Egyptians were actually pretty good artists. My favorite part was when I saw the big sarcophaguses. A sarcophagus is a is a tombstone that  the Egyptians used to bury the pharaohs that ruled them in. The sarcophaguses had these really cool designs on them. They were painted with a gold person on top of it. That was probably a painting of the person that it was made for. 

I also liked the sculptures. Some of them were broken, some were covered in rust but, they were still really beautiful! They were really big! The sculptures were twice my size!

There was also an actual pyramid there! They let us go inside of it. The inside looked really cool! The pyramid was surrounded by this big pool where you could make a wish and then throw a coin in the pool.

I would recommend this exhibit for Egyptian history lovers and people of all ages because as I said before the Metropolitan Museum of Art has something for everyone!

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