Spongebob on Broadway!

The Musical

Spongebob on Broadway!

“Spongebob Squarepants the Broadway Musical” is action-packed, funny, and extremely suspenseful. There is terrific music and a really good story!

The first thing you hear when you walk in is some sweet underwater jams! It’s slow, not rock n’ roll, but it’s groovy!

When the play starts, who other to see than Patchy the Pirate fighting to meet his idol. He was taken away, but may return!

Then the narrator introduces us all to Spongebob, who sings an opening number, which I really liked. He wakes up Patrick and he sings along, though not the way Spongebob sings.

Then Squidward, grumpily as usual, Mr. Krabs, focused on money (what a surprise), and Sandy sing, too.

Spongebob feels it’s going to be the best day ever. Of course, Squidward doesn’t think so, but could he be right?

To find out why on the play T-shirts it says “Hero is my Middle Name,” go and see the show! Find out how they get to the top, even when being dragged down.

I would recommend this play to any age! It’s, as they say, a play for anyone!    

For more information, go to http://spongebobbroadway.com/