Dog Man and Cat Kid

Dog Man and Cat Kid

“Dog Man and Cat Kid,” a  hilarious graphic novel, by Dav Pilkey, is action packed and somewhat deep. I would recommend reading the others before this book, at least the one before this. There are four books in the series.

The story starts out with Dog Man being chosen for  a movie, “The Dog Man.” Lil’ Petey, Petey the evil cats’ failed clone, is left with a cat-sitter. Lil’ Petey is suspicious and works on a robot (80-HD) he “stole” from Petey.

Lil’ Petey asks the sitter to prove “she” is an actual sitter, but he wasn’t convinced “she” was an actual cat-sitter. Lil’ Petey wasn’t surprised when it was Petey in disguise. Petey gets angry that Lil’ Petey is calling 80-HD his “friend.” Petey wants Lil’ Petey to be like him, but Petey can’t seem to change his mind.

Dog Man is having issues of his own. He is ruining a movie and tearing the spirit of the director to pieces. The movie doesn’t work out, and all the actors leave. The set is torn to pieces, and some of it was Petey’s mess. He was able to convince Lil’ Petey he can’t escape his “destiny.” Now there’s room for a climax…

To find out how these stories end up as one, in a fight between good and evil. Read “Dog Man and Cat Kid”! This book is for 9-15 year olds who love humorous and action- packed  graphic novels.

It’s silly, but you can understand the story quite easily, so go ahead and get yourself an awesome tale of good, evil, and heroes!