Ryan Quinn and the Lion’s Claw


“Ryan Quinn and the Lions Claw” by Ron McGee is a good book about a boy named Ryan.

In the beginning of the book Ryan keeps on daydreaming about his parents and the ERC, an organization that focuses on helping people in different countries by protecting them from bad people and terrible consequences.

Ryan’s friend Danny keeps on bugging him to let him go on another ERC mission , but he just tells Danny that last time they got involved Danny got stabbed and Ryan got shot a lot.

But then they learn about two people who had been sentenced to death in the country of Lovanda in Central Africa. Their new names are Lawrence and Nadia because if they still had their old names ( Anbo and Delilah) they would be easy to identify.

Evelyn Buku, the person who wants them executed, wants them to be killed because they made fun of her in their songs. Then Evelyn finally captures Lawrence and Nadia and brings them back to Lovanda but Danny and Ryan aren’t far behind.

This is a good book and I really liked it because the author did a nice  job describing the characters’ personalities. The characters always stay true to who they are and they make the book exciting.

Another good thing is that there aren’t many dull moments in the book. I would recommend this for ages 10-12 because there is some fighting in this book that might be disturbing to younger children.