Funny Kid for President

Funny Kid for President

“Funny Kid For President” by Matt Stanton, is a funny and enjoyable book about an election for class president. This book is also the first in a series.

Max gets accused of pooping in the storeroom and he runs. His teacher, Mr. Armstrong chases him to the bathroom, where the principal happens to find them and sends them to her office. When she asks to discuss it with the class president, Mr. Armstrong says that his class skipped the election so they decide to have an election.

Hearing this, Max decides he should run. He runs against Layla, she is good at sports; Kevin, he is the most popular; Ryan, he is the tallest; and his archenemy, Abby Purcell, a tattletale.

During the election, candidates vomit and get hit in the head by basketballs. Election posters are being tore down and, there’s a crazed duck on the loose, biting (if ducks even have teeth) Max’s butt cheeks. Could this all be a plot? Can Max win the election? And will the duck stop trying to bite (I still don’t know if ducks have teeth or not.) Max’s butt? Read the book to find out!

I would recommend this book for ages 7 and up because it includes people getting injuries, two kids in a stall in the bathroom, and a butt-biting duck.

If you are a fan for funny books, this one is for you.