Daniel Coldstar:The Relic War

Daniel Coldstar:The Relic War

“Daniel Coldstar:The Relic War,” is about a boy named Daniel Coldstar who was brainwashed and was sent to a relic mine where he was forced to work for the humanoid races called the Overseers.

He escapes with a rhino-like alien and finds a relic that gives him powers like a superhuman. He then escapes to a cavern with his fellow friends but some of them were caught by the Overseers.

Soon, he is all alone when he hears a voice claiming its name is the Sinja. He told it to stop but he was shot down a tube were he found all his friends in their own tubes. Daniel then gets so angry that his relic on his chest blew such a powerful gust of wind that it destroyed his own tube plus his best friend’s tube.

They get out of the dark room into the open where  the Overseers catch up to them on aliens.  You will have to read the book to know what happens!

I would recommend this for boys seven and up because it is filled with lots of action and it has a lot of sci-fi creatures in the book. It was interesting because it has weird creatures and aliens.  So if you enjoy reading books with strange creatures and aliens,  you should read “Daniel Coldstar:The Relic War.”