Are you interested in science? If you’re one for animals, you’ll love “Horses,” by Seymour Simon. Seymour Simon is an award- winning science author, and this book may be small, but he can get you interested in anything.

     The book explains the structure, breeds, evolution, and looks of horses. I became interested in how the horses were brought here by Spanish Explorers! The breeds range from Mustangs to Arabians, to Dartmoor ponies. There are three types of breeds, Hotbloods, Warmbloods, and Coldbloods. The Warmbloods were bred by mixing Hotbloods and Coldbloods.

     Communication among horses is different from humans (obviously). I’d bet you know horses neigh, but they also move their ears, legs, and tails to show emotion. They may be sad when they lay back their ears and show the whites of their eyes. Horses will point their ears forward when they are interested in an object.        

     Horses move in four natural ways, they are called gaits or paces. Horses walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Each foot will leave the floor at different time; however, while galloping, each hoof may be flying off the floor simultaneously.

     A baby horse is called a foal. The mother takes about fifteen minutes to give birth. After the baby is born, the mother will lick the baby all over. A young mare (female) is called a filly, and a young male is called a colt. Male horses are known as stallions.

     This book is informational, interesting, and eye catching. I liked the pictures as well as the way the book explained facts. Also, there is a Seymour Simon website, so if you like this book, you can read much more! This book is for a fourth grader all the way to a sixteen year old. It may be a small book, but it is a great one.