Action Presidents #1 and Action Presidents #2

Action Presidents #1 and Action Presidents #2

  “Action Presidents#1” by Fred Van Lente was about the life of George Washington and  “Action Presidents#2”  is about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

In “Action Presidents #1,” George Washington’s dad sent him away from their plantation in Virginia to go to school in Great Britain. George Washington  returned only when his father died.

Then, leaders in the colonies found out that the French were secretly conquering parts of Canada and some parts of the Thirteen Colonies. They thought George was the right man to see what was going on. He failed, but then the English were taxing the colonists.

The colonists were so angry at how high the taxes were that they demolished a statue in honor of the King George of England. This led to the American Revolution. When the war ended, the colonies won.

The colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and  came up with rules for a president. George Washington was elected as the 1st president of the United States.

“Action Presidents #2,” by Fred Van Lente was about Abraham Lincoln. In the book, Abraham was a boy who loved to read and learn. As he grew older, his father punished him for reading so much and treated him as a slave.

As Lincoln grew older, he realized that this is how slaves feel. So he ran for president and won.

Then, the Civil War broke out. Lincoln led the Union against the Confederacy and won, so there was no slavery but still segregation.

I would recommend these books for everyone ages 7 and up because it has violence and younger kids would not be interested or would not understand what happens in the book.

I liked these books because there was a  lot of action and history. It also has lots of jokes about the presidents.