The Doldrums and The Helmsley Curse

The Doldrums and The Helmsley Curse

“The Doldrums and the Helmsley Curse” by Nicholas Gannon is a great book about a boy named Archer Helmsley. Archer Helmsley has been trying to find his grandparents for two years.

His grandparents were adventurers who were said to be stuck on an iceberg for eleven years. This Christmas, Archer’s grandparents suddenly appear at his house. They refuse to tell Archer where they were for eleven years.

Now Archer and his two friends (Oliver and Adelaide) are trying to solve this mysterious mystery, while putting their lives in danger.

This book is fabulous. I liked the book because the author did a good job building suspense.

One thing I did not like about the story is that the kids had to solve many riddles and it gets tiresome. I give this book 4.5 stars.

I recommend this book to kids and adults who like mystery. Also the kids and adults should be 7 and up.

Lastly, you should read the first book in the series, “The Doldrums,” before reading this book.