King of the Bench; Kicking and Screaming

King of the Bench; Kicking and Screaming

“King of the Bench-Kicking and Screaming” by Steve Moore is the third book in the “King of the Bench”series. By far, it is my favorite one yet.

Steve (the main character) loves all sports, and the things that goes around the games like the nice leather smell of a new baseball glove.

Well, almost all sports, some sports like bullfighting, skydiving, and synchronized swimming don’t exactly fry his burger. But there’s another sport he doesn’t like, and it’s probably the most popular sport in the world; soccer.

The main reason why Steve doesn’t like soccer is that he has lousy foot eye coordination, he calls it “Foot-Eye-Dweeb-Itis.”

Steve’s best friends Joey, Carlos, and Becky love soccer. His friends pulled him to watch a soccer game once, then the most popular sport in the world, soccer.

Steve got bored, so he murmured, “I hate soccer.” Becky heard him and left. Steve liked her as a friend, and wants to get her to be his friend again, so Steve takes a big step out of his comfort zone and decides to play soccer for the schools JV team.

After he gets on a bus to go to the Laurensville Garden Hotel, a hotel near the stadium, where he is going to play soccer, he realizes that there is no bathroom in the back of the bus, and he has already drunk a few Gatorade bottles and they haven’t even left the parking lot! To make things worse, the other students gossip about a legendary player in Nike Preparatory Academy named Thunderfoot.

How would he ever survive his stay at the hotel and his way back? Read the book to find out.

I would recommend this book for people ages 7-13 who like series such as “King of the Bench,” “Timmy Failure,” and “I Funny”.