Olga We’re Out of Here


“Olga We’re Getting Out of Here,” is the second book in the series by Elise Gravel. The first, very interesting, story was about how Olga met Meh (a weird creature that Olga found in her trash can). The second book gives you a recap of what happened in the first book, but also gives you more facts about Meh and interesting thoughts from Olga.

In the second book, Olga wants to go to space because she thinks that Meh comes from space.

Olga says goodbye to all of her new friends. They all say that they will miss her so much but they understand that Olga wants to know if Meh really comes from space or if Meh has more family there.

But Meh starts to act funny and a bit harsh and Olga doesn’t know what is wrong. Olga gets very nervous.

Read the story to find out if Olga gets to space and to see if Olga finds out what is wrong with Meh.

The author did a great job teaching us more about Meh and Olga. She showed how much Olga actually cared for Meh.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because this book was hilarious and adventurous.

My favorite part was the end of the book when something crazy happens. It would also be for all ages and both boys and girls.