Bad Kitty – Camp Daze

“Bad Kitty – Camp Daze” by Nick Bruel is a hilarious novel about a cat named Kitty who got bonked in the head and went to dog camp.

It all starts one day when Kitty is eating Chinese food. When Baby and Puppy come and throw her dish around, Kitty gets hit in the head by it. All of a sudden, Kitty is starting to act like a dog! She is even being nice to Puppy!

When Puppy goes to dog camp, Kitty tags along. One day, when they are hiking, Kitty sniffs some catnip and suddenly sees Bastet (in cat form).

Bastet tells her one super important message – her blood could be traced generations back when her cousin ruled the jungles; and most importantly she, Kitty is a cat.

When Kitty regainsher senses, she calmly looks through her journal. When she comes to a page that lists her top 10 fears, she sees that “waking up in a forest, surrounded by dogs” is No. 1!

Without a second to spare, Kitty springs off towards the forest with Uncle Murray (the camp counselor) in hot pursuit until they come face to face with a bear.

What happens next? Read the book to find out. I would recommend this book to ages 7 and up because younger people might not understand it.