The Magnificent Mya Tibbs: The Wall of Fame Game

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“The Magnificent Mya Tibbs:The Wall of Fame Game” by Crystal Allen is a story about a girl named Mya with two big problems. In the beginning, Her family is about to go to an open house at her school. Mya is all ready with her cowgirl boots, outfit, and hat. She is walking into her living room so she could see her mom dressed in her cowgirl outfit, but when she walks in, her mom is lying on the couch without any cowgirl stuff on at all!!! Mya’s mom said that her soon to be sister, Macy is kicking and she had to lay down so Mya had to go to the open house with her dad. At the open house, Mya spots her enemy Naomi Jackson. She tries to avoid her but Naomi saw her already. “Hey Mya Tibbs Fibbs!!” Mya hates when she calls her that. “What?!” Mya mumbles. “Are you going to compete in the wall of fame game?” Naomi answers. “Or are you too chicken!” They  made a bet that both of them had to compete in the wall of fame game and whoever won, well, won. Mya is studying and searching the answers to the game. Mya had been waiting to ask her mom if they were still competing in the chili cook off. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Mya suddenly became very disappoints that they couldn’t have that one thing that they could do together before her mom is going to have Macy. She then decides that she would compete in the chili-cook off all by herself. Mya competes in the chili-cook off and the wall of fame game. Mya studies so hard!! She also works very hard on the chili. The results (for me) are pretty surprising at the end, for the chili-cook off and the wall of fame game.

I really liked this book because in the book, Mya kept saying phrases and words like she is in the Wild West. It is really funny! I recommend this book for ages 5 up because there are a few words kids who are younger might not understand. This is one of my favorite books so far! I love this book!! My favorite part is when Mya tries to make chili and she tries to make it in the most hilarious way. She thought she is doing it right!! She almost burns the house down! Okay, that part is NOT funny but the other parts were. She is using all the wrong ingredients!! She also thinks letters stand for other things. Okay, here’s an example. (The next sentence is not actually in the book ) Mya would think T.B.S. is a shorter way of saying her last name. Funny, right? I really liked this book and I think all of you will, too.


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