Valley Stream’s Memorial Day Parade

On Memorial Day, I not only had a day off, (like most, if not all of you did) but I participated in the Memorial Day Parade. It was in my town, Valley Stream, and I played the clarinet with District 24’s band. We played “The Marines Hymn” continuously, about 8-10 times. The march was not tiring, and the hardest part to me was staying even with your row. The only other difficulty I can think of is turning.

The location was a group of some of the main roads in my town, and the crowd was large and enthusiastic. We heard cheering,screaming, and most likely humming along. We saw people waving their hands and smiling. There were other bands too, South High School was my favorite, besides us. My music teacher, Mr. Shmorhun told us the march was about a mile long. It didn’t feel like it. He got students from the orchestra (stringed instruments; band was only percussion brass and woodwind) to hold the flags and banner.

Bottom line is, the march was fun, and interesting. I hope reading this inspires you to participate in your town’s events. A parade should be easy to join in on, because of all the different sports leagues and bands participating, or even just watch. You could even sell cookies, etc, if you are a Girl or Boy Scout. At the end, I had seen Blessed Sacrament Church selling cookies, or something else. Anyway this parade was fun, and I am looking forward to another one next year!