“Streetcar To Justice” By Amy Hill Hearth

“Street Car To  Justice” by Amy Hill Hearth is an interesting historical biography of Elizabeth Jennings, her life and the important things that happened in it. Elizabeth Jennings was a very strong,woman. As she grew older Elizabeth became very important person and an important part of history.

Elizabeth Jennings refused to leave a segregated streetcar in Five Points, Manhattan.She was removed by a conductor, and a police officer. Elizabeth was badly bruised and injured. After the conflict her case was taken to the court. She was represented by a lawyer Chester A. Arthur who would become the twenty-first president later on. At the end of the book… tricked you! I would never spoil the biography!

This book is really interesting and educational. I recommend it for ages eight and above because people under the age of eight might not understand the book. Also, it may be too mature for them. I read this book at least five times, yes it was that good! I hope that if you read “Streetcar To Justice” you will enjoy it as much as I did.