Peggy and Hamilton: A Revolutionary Friendship

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Do you know Hamilton? Do you know Peggy? If you don’t, you have to read “Peggy and Hamilton: A Revolutionary Friendship.”

Peggy Schuyler is the daughter of a Revolutionary War general. Her mother is Dutch, and this book refers to her mother’s Dutch traditions. Peggy is the third oldest and very mischievous. She often feels different from her older sisters.

Peggy lived through the Revolutionary War. One day, she reads a letter from Hamilton. That letter brings back many memories. During half of this book, there are flashbacks. She remembers going to her other house, gathering their belongings so the British wouldn’t take them. She recalls her sister, Angelica running away with a gambler named John Carter. Peggy sees her father being ill and not being the general anymore.  She even remembers meeting Hamilton at a military nurse camp.

Hamilton is General Washington’s assistant. He helps translate what the French general is saying. As Peggy and Hamilton get to know each other, they prevent awkward moments, and they experience romance. She realizes there are bandits and spies who hate General Schuyler. Peggy knows knows the Revolutionary War would change her life forever. This book is into depth and it describes the many plans the British and the “Rebels” had. This novel is extremely complex, so I recommend this for people who are 14 and up.

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