A Pup Called Trouble

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“A Pup Called Trouble,” by Bobbie Pyron is an awesome book about a pup named Trouble! When he was born his young pup eyes were wide open. During the first week he was filled with curiosity, he could smell the scent of spring flowers, the green leaves, and the rich dirt. These things had made him curious so curious that he started to walk out the den, and what he saw he would never forget. The hungry eyes of an eagle. It had hurled at him and pressed his belly against the floor, then to his rescue his father came and fought off the eagle. After a few days the coyote parents  finally decide what to name their puppies. The largest of the pups was named Pounce because he was a good hunter, then his sister with long legs and who was very fast was named Swift. One of the pups who had a beautiful voice was named Star. But the family of coyotes couldn’t think of a good name for the fourth pup. Twist (the oldest ) thought his name should be Curious, but they decided to name him Trouble.

One day the coyote pack went roaming through the meadow and they saw humans but they called them makers and said they are dangerous. The next morning Trouble went back to the house and smelled food and that food was in the back of a produce truck, and shortly after he got in there the door slammed shut. Scared and alone Trouble falls asleep and wakes up in New York City. When he is there he meets a crow named Mischief and he said he can help Trouble get home. Mischief works with an opossum named Rosebud, a poodle named Minette, an owl, a fox, and a girl named Amelia to help bring Trouble home. They face a big problem when they meet Officer Vetch.

If you want to know if their plan is successful read the book to find out. I would recommend this book for ages 8-12. I liked this book because it’s good for reading on long trips, and when you read one chapter you will want to see what happens next.