The 11:11 Wish

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“The 11:11 Wish” by Kim Tomsic is about a girl named Megan who moved to Arizona because her dad got a new job. Megan volunteers at a dog shelter place. Megan really likes dogs. She even has one herself!! Her mom had recently died so Megan was feeling a bit down on her first day of school. She was also down because she got to class late because her little sister’s teacher didn’t let her go. The teacher thought Megan was her sister’s mother. She gave her some papers and everything. Megan was also feeling a bit confused. She was feeling confused because when she had told the lady in the front it was her first day of school, she wrote ZAP on Megan’s arm. I won’t tell what it means because I don’t want to give it away. Megan made new friends, and also a decent amount of enemies, but enough of that! Can Megan wish herself out of this one?

I really liked this book because it gives us (the readers) a little bit of real life high school drama and a little bit of mysterious magic. I recommend this book to readers above the age of 7 because, I admit, I had a bit of trouble reading some of the words. I ALSO really liked this book because it seems soooo realistic and then…. BOOMMMM it hits you with the ZAP thing. I really hope you have the time to read this book and love it as much as I did.