Pixie Piper And The Matter Of The Batter



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“Pixie Piper And The Matter of The Batter” by Annabelle Fisher is the second book in the Pixie Piper book series. After a magical girl called Pixie Piper finds out that she is a direct descendant of Mother Goose. She goes Chuckling Goose Farm with her gosling, Destiny, her best friend Grey, the twins, River and Rain, and their goose, Drizzle, to learn how to master their magic.

After a magical ride to Chuckling Goose Farm, they meet Perrin and Pip, who are apprentices, or Goose Girls. She also meets Nell, who is chasing after flying biscuits!

At Chuckling Goose Farm, she makes up baking rhymes, plays with Destiny, and bakes magical wishing cakes.

But when she finds a shard of glass that belongs to her her old enemy, Raveneece, she begins to worry that the Sinister Sister was not as exiled as she hoped.

Will Pixie, along with her friends, defeat the Sinister Sister for once and for all? Read the book to find out!

I would recommend this book for 8+ year olds because it is pretty easy to read and understand, and it’s also very exciting!

I also give this book 5 stars, because it is a real page turner!


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