“Overboard” is a hilarious movie written by Leslie Dixon and directed by Rob Greenburg. I have watched the original overboard movie and the modern movie is better (in my opinion)  because it’s so new and has better quality.

    Overboard is a story about a woman named Kate and a man named Leonardo. In the first movie, the woman is supposed to be rich and the man is one of her workers. In the second movie, the characters switch places and Kate is one of Leonardo’s workers.

     The movie is called  Overboard because the man falls off of his yacht and then he doesn’t even know his own name. After this tragedy, Kate goes to the hospital where Leonardo is staying and she pretends to be his wife!!

    As Kate and her kids keep the act going for a long time, Leonardo has to do all of the dirty work around the house. Leonardo has to get a brand new job and he has to work hard to finish his duties.

    This movie has many twists and turns and it takes you on a crazy ride! My favorite part is when he doesn’t remember anything and his life just completely changes. This movie is for both boys and girls to enjoy. I would give “Overboard” 5 out of 5 stars and it’s PG-13 so if you are younger than 13 watch with an adult.