Bat and the Waiting Game

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Bat and the Waiting Game


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“Bat and the Waiting Game,” by Elana K. Arnold,  is a really cool book. I  recommend reading it.

The book is about a boy named Bixby Alexander Tam, nicknamed Bat. Bat’s mom and dad are separated.

His mom is a veterinarian and Bat wants to be one, too. He finds an orphaned skunk kit and names him Thor.

Janie, Bat’s older sister, has a play coming up that means a lot to her. She gets the part of the Queen in “Alice and Wonderland.”

The problem is that Janie usually watches Bat after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Now that Janie has play practice, she can’t watch him after school for three weeks.

Bat always cares for Thor after school, but now he has to go home with Israel (his best friend) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bat and Israel get into argument and they are mad at each other. Unfortunately, Bat still has to go to his house.

Great, just great.

Bat didn’t want that at all.  He just wanted things to go back to normal.

Bat is autistic, and is not very good at waiting.  So Bat and his mom play waiting games to pass time.

Also when Bat is upset he doesn’t like being touched. He has a signal with his when it’s okay to hug him or to touch him and when to stop hugging.

On every other weekend, Bat goes to his dad’s house. His dad doesn’t let Bat bring Thor.

Bat dislikes that, but the thing he hates most is going to baseball games (which his dad loves).

When his dad takes Bat to a baseball game, Bat tries to make his dad want to go home. ” If we go now, we could beat the traffic out  of the parking lot.” Bat assures his dad.

” And miss the end? No way!” his dad replies.

Bat and his dad start arguing.

His dad says, “You could try a little harder to enjoy the things I’m interested in. It’s a good talent, learning to appreciate other people’s interest.”

“Well,” said Bat ” you don’t try very hard to appreciate my interest! You haven’t even met Thor and he’s the most interesting thing in my life.”

Will things ever go back to normal?   Will dad and Bat learn to compromise?

Will Israel still be Bat’s best friend?

Find out in the exciting book “Bat and the Waiting Game.”  I give this book 5 stars.  This book is good for 3rd and 4th graders both girls and boys!

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