Cake Boss

Cake Boss is an American reality show airing on the television network TLC. The show gives an inside look on Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken NJ. The Bakery was founded by Carlo Guastaferro in 1964 then purchased by Buddy Valastro Sr. but is run by Valastro’s son Buddy Valastro Jr. with the help of his four older sisters, Three brothers-in-law, and other family and friends.

There are several locations of the Bakery including Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey

I recently visited the one in Times Square with my mom. Although it is not the location where the show Cake Boss was shot it was still really cool! Their were pictures of Buddy Jr and all of his family, there was custom shirts and hoodies with the name of the bakery, Amazing cakes and so much more! While my mom and I waited I looked at all the beautiful cakes in the display case.

I couldn’t believe my eyes they all looked so perfect! I saw unicorn cakes, Summer themed cakes, Chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, cakes that looked like a frog, cakes that looked like ice cream and so much more! There was also a little window where you could look in and see the bakers working so I watched for a while and once we got halfway through the line I saw all of Buddy Jr.’s cook books and a waitress came over to us and took our order so once we arrived to the register everything was ready. My mom and I ordered a slice of the Chocolate Fudge Cake. The cake was SOOOO GOOD! It was the best cake I had ever eaten! It even looked good too!

 The only downside of the bakery was that there weren’t a lot of places to sit. There were only two tables with four chairs each so you can imagine how fast people sit down. So when I ate my cake I had to stand which was kind of uncomfortable.

In summation, I had a great day and if you like cake highly recommend you come here!